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Calabash Tea


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While the appearance of the root looks like an ordinary wood-like stick when you chew on a piece there is a distinctly sweet taste. 

Licorice root has been one of the most widely used herbs in many herbal traditions of the world because of its concentrated triterpenoid saponins and other health-promoting constituents.


In Asian and African medicine, licorice is  "the great harmonizer" and as "the great detoxifier" because it is thought to help support the detoxification process and drive poisons from the body, especially those related to excess food or alcohol.

It is a Chi (energy) tonic that is claimed to be beneficial to the spleen, stomach, kidney, and lung systems. It is also one of the few herbal substances that enters all twelve meridians.

It is considered an adaptogen and regarded as building to the muscles and nourishing to the adrenals.

2 sticks per order