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Calabash Tea


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Great iced or hot!

We proudly feature freshly roasted coffee from our friends at Southeastern Roastery located in Maryland. The owner, Candy, is a Master Coffee Roaster and global coffee expert.

  • JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN - A superstar of the coffee world, Blue Mountain tastes like chai spices and cacao married clean, crisp mountain air! An unforgettable delight Black or with oatmilk.

  • MONSOON MALABAR - Herbal, sweet earthy notes highlight this delightful roast to pair with oatmilk. Perfect for iced coffee!

  • COCONUT CARAMEL HAZELNUT CREME - Our low acid blend of the finest Brazilian slow roasted beans delivers delectable natural coconut, vanilla and hazelnut flavours in every cup. 

  • ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFF -  A perfectly balanced delicacy form the birthplace of coffee! notes of lemon, honey, and cinnamon. accent this brilliant choice for any coffee lover. Great black or perfect with oat milk

  • CUBAN CLASSIC - A wake me up! Oceanside grown in shaded farms, this is a robust, buttery coffee with a deep, dark, rich roast. Great for iced coffee

  • COLUMBIAN RAINFOREST - A classic! Rich and robust medium roast. Perfect for iced coffee!

  • SUMATRA SILK - A tropical roast with sweet-notes and deep chocolate, earthy undertones.