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Most delicious tea

I bought 3 different teas but I haven’t tried the others because I’m addicted to the Desert Rose Ginger! Everyone in my family loves it!

Love Love Love It!!❤️

I am more balanced!

I have been using this for about six months and I can notice a big change in how my body handles menstruation. Less mood swings, cramping and exhaustion during that time of the month. I have also noticed more healthy vaginal moisture, overtime allowing me to stop using store bought lubrication.

Triple Goddess Tea: anti-inflammation

I have only been using the product for few weeks. I can't say if I have noticed difference yet. I would like to say that the Digestion Tonic I had purchased also. Has a malfunction with the sprayer. The liquid sprays inside instead of outside the sprayer. And it's been very difficult trying to contact you all through your customer service. It's telling me I don't have access to this store. And that I need to reach the administrator Which has been very frustrating. Because it only informs you to request an ID 06e55f78-0b49-4285-a6f3-7a92f0ba4f3d. Which I have no clue as to what to do with. I am requesting to have another digestive tonic bottle sent to me that works. Thank you for your consideration.

Deliciously Spicy

I love the blend, I'm a huge fan of ginger so I'm really enjoying it!!

She loves it

I purchased Wise Women for my daughter and she loves it 😊


It works!

EYE SEE YOU TONIC: Support for Vision & Eye Health

Robert Dickens


Smoked Paprika

Very Delicious.
I Would Prefer A Security Seal Over The Product. It Was Spread All Over The Inside Of The Cap When I Opened It.
It Looked As If Someone Used My Product Before Me.
Always A Concern,
Especially During These Times🙏🏽👍🏾😌

Kymberly Daniels
My Go to Beverage Every Morning

I love this tea first thing in the morning! Sometimes I add oat milk for a different vibe.

Eye See You Tonic worked for me!

Headache from eye strain began to subside within 30 minutes after spraying inside both sides of my mouth. I have elevated eye pressure and I look forward to the results of my next Ophthalmology appointment.

Love it! It makes the food flavor pop!

Great service as always with love.

Arrived in a timely manner with the various teas ordered. Golden Milk Ginger Chai was refreshing and different from some of the other teas I ordered. Thanks.

Wonderful product, keep up the great work!

Triple Goddess tea

It’s wonderful

EMPTY TEA BAGS - (infusers)
Sonya Nettles-Young
Tea Bags

Love the tea bags!!


Everything was good and I will be ordering again

My colleague loves the smell!

I sprayed this in our office area and she came in and said "Oh my goodness what is that wonderful smell?"

The smell is amazing! Just what I needed

I'm so glad this exists especially for places that you can't smudge.

I love to move it!

I love this tea! as someone who has always struggled with digestion and keep peppermint tea around, this tea is perfect. Just a little stronger than peppermint tea, but not too much! perfect.

Jennifer Tyler
Jamaican Ginger Sorrel is Awesome!

Dr. Amen, Your Jamaican Ginger Sorrel was absolutely delicious. It was flavorful with just the right amount of spices.

EMPTY TEA BAGS - (infusers)
Elizabeth Littlejohn
Very good

Hold up very well. I can get two cups off one bag.

Love the tea and the health benefits!

I feel wonderfully healthy drinking this anthocyanin-rich tea and feeling even better supporting the Kenyan business owner who grow it.

It started to fix some things

It's not my favorite tasting tea, but it did help my cycle! It was shorter and easier, so this tea is a MUST for me!

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