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RAW INCAN BERRIES : sugar craving superfood!


Random erections!!!

Digestive tonic

I thoroughly enjoyed the BITTERS TONIC so much. It was soothing and delicicous. Thanks a million!

mellow, healing, soothing. A nice afternoon tea on its own or with a splash of warm milk.

Calming tonic

I have elevating blood pressure and work at doing things to lower it. Although I do not monitor my blood pressure this product gives me a sense of calmness. Anything that makes me feel relaxed I'm all for.

TEA TOX TEA: de-tox your immune system, glands and liver

It has really helped my blood sugar. It happened right away. I recommend it to family and friends.

As usual this product exceeded my expectations. The doctor doesn’t miss.

I love Fresh Foot

I love the Fresh Foot spray, Before using this spray I couldn't stand when my husband took off his shoes, but know I can’t tell his shoes are off. THANK YOU, it has worked wonders.

JAMAICAN GINGER SORREL: detox + blood pressure support
Kimberly Vandever (Indianapolis, US)
Always a winner

This is not the first time I've purchased Jamaican Ginger Sorrell and it won't be that last. I enjoy the flavor a LOT; I love a fruit, but spicy tea and this fits that profile very well.

IMMUNE BOOST TONIC: cold, flu + allergy assist
Chakeya Givner (Glenside, US)

I took this tonic combined with tea mergency, elderberry syrup, rest, lots of water, protein and vegetables at the first sign of feeling unwell, 3 days later all well. Individual results may vary :) but I keep Calabash teas and tonics on hand. Thank you for sharing your gifts Dr. Amen.

This is my first time trying Elephant Walk tea. It is so good, I know it won't be my last purchase.

MANDINGO CHAI: energy lift + coconut + spices
Ainsley Samuel (Kissimmee, US)

this is my go to tea, must have several times a week

Yogi Chai

Yogi chai is the best way to warm up on a chilly day; hot and spicy!

YOGI CHAI: organ warming caffeine free classic chai
Katrina Martin (Jacksonville, US)
Love Love Love

Whatever I purchase at Calabash Tea and Tonic never lets me down!! The Yogi Chai does what is described. The names are attractive which makes me more excited to sip and or spray !!!

BIG POPPA: energizing black tea + spicy ginger
Tiffany Daniel (Alexandria, US)
I love it

Omg I love it so much! It smells delightful and taste even better! One of my favorite blends ever!


Another great tea! I have replaced my coffee with this chai tea.

GO THE HECK 2 SLEEP: sleep time tea
Jeremy Hayes (Milwaukee, US)
Knocked out!

I enjoyed it! It smells like feet but taste like a treat!

Coffee: Jamaican Blue Mountain
Michael Freeman (Glen Allen, US)
Coffee: Jamaican Blue Mountain

Balanced and smooth with a light creamy taste. So good and goes down easy. A great way to start my morning when I have coffee. Will be re-ordering again and again!

TEA-MERGENCY: allergy, cold support
Keith Johnson (Woodstown, US)
On time

On time, in fact it was earlier than expected. Thanks

Golden milk ginger chai

This is my absolutely favorite! So delicious, creamy and calming. I love to feel my body out of inflammation... Am or pm is fantastic to me...

Absolutely delightful!

One of my Calabash favorites. Healing and warming!