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Even Better Than Coffee!

Chais, green teas and blends that will satisfy your cravings for rich flavor and caffeine while giving you a break from coffee!

Rockin' Morrocan - Caffeinated gunpowder green tea offers detoxification but it is mixed with the decaf mint offering better digestion and fresh breath. Heyyyy!"

Elephant Walk - Less caffeine than either black or green tea, Elephant Walk is exclusively grown for Calabash by our Kenyan farmer friends at 6000 ft. above sea level on their organic & sustainable farm.

Big Poppa - Let this Jamaican Ginger & Mango infused banger get yo’ hands in the air like a true player. Dope hot or chilled. It’s all good baby babyyy!!!

Desert Rose Ginger Chai - This best-selling banger has all the exotic spices and ginger you love in chai —with the heart opening floral deliciousness of Turkish red roses. Love upon yourself!

Frida-licious - The iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was also an amazing chef who enjoyed hosting fiery dinner parties. In a tea as complex and spicy as the artist, we crafted Frida-Luscious to honor her flamboyance-- through accents of tropical fruit, warm cinnamon, and tangy hibiscus.

Lucky Dragon - Sometimes called Spring Dragon because it is the fresh first puck of emerging tea leaves. It's fresh without being too grassy tasting."

Love Potion Chai - Our grandmother's OG recipe for classic masala chai! This delectable tea has been a Calabash best-seller for more than 20 years. Serve this gingery concoction to love up on yourself & share the love with your tribe.

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