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Calabash Tea

SO BOHO CHIC! Up-cycled Sari Throws

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What we love about them:

“I ADORE these throws because they have history. Vintage soft Sari fabrics are sewn together with hundreds of surface stitches. The edges have an unfinished quality of authentic to BoHo Chic decor. They are reversible so I get to change patterns and colours depending on my mood and it’s completely different every time! I have them slung over ALL my sofas, guest beds and armchairs for folks to stylishly relax.” ~Sunyatta

Lightweight quilted throws are perfect to sling over a fav armchair or edge of a sofa for that pop of color! Awesome folded at the foot of a bed, too!

As we decolonize our surroundings and wean off of robot-machined goods, let’s appreciate the unique character in each piece. An appreciation of uneven colour and handwork is natural and unique to the character of handcrafted items.


Approximately 54” x 90”, cotton, handmade - Machine wash before using in warm water with twice your usual soap amount. Dry regularly and throughly in dryer. with scented dryer balls or sheets. Enjoy!