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Moroccan Smoked Paprika - Delectable!

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DECOLONIZE YOUR TONGUE FUN FACT: Cayenne is the mother of the Paprika plant. Cayenne the original plant was bred over and over again until the capsicum content was at its 's lowest but the other flavours remained. 


"Moroccan paprika differs from its Hungarian cousin because its tasting notes are smoky, bold, rich with subtle sweet tones. I use it in greens, salads dressings, stews and bean dishes. The fragrance is heavenly!"


All of our spices are pure, pungently fragrant, unique, and packed with surprising flavor. We take great pride in selecting the most unique spices by taking special notice to the color, smell, flavor and freshness of each spice. 

Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

Ingredients: Slow-roasted Moroccan