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Calabash Tea

CALA-Gift: ‘Hug in a Mug'

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Gift Set

Show love to the people in your life by sending them a ‘Hug In a Mug’ Set.

They will receive:

  • A pack of our Tea (or a Tonic*)

  • Complementary Incense

  • 2 Raw Honey Stirrers

  • Tea Strainer*
    (may come with tea strainer or 100 fillable teabags depending on supplies)

There are 9 Variations of Tea (or Tonic) & Incense Combos!

  • Root Chakra Tea, Root Chakra Incense & Strainer

  • Yoniverse Womb Wellness Tea & Sacral Chakra Incense & Strainer

  • Men’s Power Spray Tonic & Sacral Chakra Incense

  • Triple Goddess & Solar Plexus Chakra Incense

  • Heart Chakra Tea & Incense

  • Throat Soother Tea & Throat Chakra Incense

  • Get My Mind Right Tea & Third Eye Incense

  • Jamaican Ginger Sorrel & Crown Chakra Incense

  • My Last Good Nerve & Shyam Incense

  • Black Magic Woman Tea, Tea Strainer & Raw Sugar Stirrers