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Calabash Tea

Frida Kahlo Hand Quilted Throw

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Lightweight throws are perfect to sling over a fav armchair or edge of a sofa for that pop of color! Awesome folded at the foot of a bed, too!

What we love about them:

“The true beauty of these cozy handmade coverlets is that they feature the brilliant Frida Kahlo AND that the Indian artisans use old school surface stitches. So instead of a “factory finished” uniformity the throws have a Boho Chic aesthetic. Love these!” ~Sunyatta


60” x 90”, cotton, handmade

As we decolonize our surroundings and wean off of robot-machined goods, let’s appreciate the unique character in each piece. An appreciation of uneven colour and handwork is natural and unique to the character of handcrafted items.