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Calabash Tea

CALA-Box: Puerto Rico!

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A lovingly curated box featuring goodies to celebrate Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment.
The native Taino people called themselves and the island ‘Bariken’,
“Great land of the valiant and noble lord”. 

  • CAL-Adobo! Seasoning  - Dr. Sunyatta’s blend of organic herbs & spices based on an ancient family recipe.

  • Oshun’s Kiss Tea - This  delectable blend of Turkish apricots, ceylon cinnamon and marigold flowers is our liquid love letter to Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of creativity and sensuality. She is known globally by many names; Venus, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Yellow Mary, Kamatlamika. This tea really gets those creative juices flowing! 

  •  Stone Ground Annatto - High grade & perfect for crafting everything from delicious yellow rice to tasty lattes.  

  • Mediterranean Oregano Seeds - Non-GMO, of course! No Puerto Rican dish is complete without this delicious herb. 

  • African Face Mask - An exclusive reversible mask from @Numadzi, master tailors of Ghana.

  • Liberation Spray aka Florida Water - Spray in the air for “clearing the way” at doorways or wherever foolishness is not tolerated. Made exclusively for Calabash by our friends @BrownSugarVoodoo

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